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What made you start your website?

My mate suggested I should start one as I like a bit of a rant and opinion (controlled or otherwise). He set one up and the rest is history

How long have you been blogging on your website now?

Nearly 4 years – first one was in August 2012 - just after Fed beat Murray in the Wimby Final – I’ve read through again and scarily it still makes sense (well to me anyways).

What are your favourite sporting topics other than football to blog about?

I like a bit of Tennis, Cricket and Rugby Union

Do you support a specific team (you don't have to answer that) and what was the first game you ever went to?

Manchester United is my team, but first team I went to see was Altrincham back in the late 80s thanks to freebie tickets from school. First visit to OT was in 1990 against Norwich and then 3 days later managed to get myself chucked out for diving over to Stretford End via the Stretford end seats!!!!!!!!

Your favourite football player of all time and why?

Bryan Robson – reason I support United, memories of Spain 1982 – the goal v France after 27 seconds and an all round action man and United and England legend.

Your greatest day as an football fan?

May 1993 when United won the title for first time in 26 years. I was 17  – very strange feeling as done with an Oldham win over Villa, but after the pain of the previous season I was just so relieved it was done and dusted. Cheers Nicky Henry.

Your worst day as an football fan?

On an international noted - June 1996 – Euro 1996 – England v Germany semi-final – tear in my ear LLL - those pesky Germans!!!!!!!

On a club note, losing at Anfield in 1992 as I then resigned myself to losing the title - horrible that your 2 bitterest rivals stopped the team I support winning the title after such a long wait. Man City 2012 was painful, but nothing like that as won a lot of titles by that stage and despite it obviously being pretty gutting was not expecting it to even get to that situation at the start of play.

Your thoughts and predictions for the premier league season and the potential of all these new managerial changes?

All teams have money and it will be very interesting. As a red of Manchester, heart says United especially as hopefully we now have a manager who will not claim fan expectations are too high - then a title can be won, but plenty of challenges ahead for all teams. Impossible to say who will win it in my opinion at this stage. I’ve said for years anyone can beat anyone on their day in the Prem.

Best football game or ground you've been to?

Not been to that many grounds, so I will go for some stand out games:

Altrincham 2 Chester City 0 in the FA Cup in 1992 - a giant killing too, as Chester were in the third tier - the second goal got on goal of the season on Match of the Day.

Been to plenty of games at Old Trafford, a lot of them blur into one.

Unted 4 Everton 4 was a brilliant game despite the fact it was a very damaging result.

The atmosphere at 2 games stand out - both European. The draw 1-1 with Atletico Madrid in CWC 1991 trying to get back a 3-0 deficit, the early goal scored by United gave faint hope but felt like the whole ground shook once it went in. Also the defeat v Real Madrid in 2013 in the #whatacuneyt match - obvious the Nani sending off punctured this somewhat.

I was lucky enough to be at OT for Fergie’s final match thanks to a coin toss – match was nothing to write home about, though the trademark late winner from Rio brought a huge roar from the crowd.

Looking forward to Euro 2016, who do you think will win it?

Yes and France to win.

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